"Comfort and energy savings - made easy"

What is VentiZone?
VentiZone is a demand-driven system for indoor climate control which ensures good comfort and energy efficiency.
Years of knowledge and experience constitutes the intelligence behind this smart solution. By adapting the indoor climate to actual needs, VentiZone guarantees the ease of optimal balance between comfort and energy consumption
Plug & Play – no mistakes
VentiZone gives you the ability to control both single rooms and entire buildings. Flexibility lies in every aspect, from installation and hardware to functionality and facility management.
This makes the system advantageous for all kind of buildings, both new and existing, especially by limiting every potential source of error.
No restrictions - only opportunities
As a total supplier with an in-house developed system, we are a unique partner for our customers in projects. Supported by a strong organization, we can deliver a complete, total solution that creates security for the customer and ensures top quality.
Using modern technology of VentiZone, being prepared for the future has never been easier.
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Project Manager VentiZone
Lasse Stavdal